About Us

We started Aluminium and Glass Solutions, so that we could do what we like best-build relationships with our exciting and innovative glasswork. We see all of our client relationships as true partnerships, where we work together to deliver impressive and lasting results.

Chaitra glaze Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture, established by Mr. Ranganath. S and Smt. N.K. Saroja to meet the needs of Modern Structural Glazing and Fabrication assignments. The senior partners who started Glass Solutions have more than Twenty years experience in the glazing business. We are dedicated to being one of the leading companies among the top glazing companies, and we have the knowledge and experience necessary to address a wide range of projects.

We understand that we can best serve our partners by having excellent personnel at all levels of our organization. From project managers to floor workers to sales staff, we have an organization full of people who can ensure quality installations. Our project gallery shows our work at its best, combining our skill with our clients' vision to create stunning buildings.

We will provide the highest quality services in the architectural cladding industry by:

  • facilitating successful designs through faithful application of technical expertise and experience.
  • Insuring the reputation and integrity of our clients by maintaining an objective balance between architectural and technical requirements.
  • Providing practical design solutions for all project challenges ranging from the typical and simple to the most unique and difficult.
  • facilitating more efficient means of design implementation